california king platform bed frame kooning platform bed - wenge hl-koon-wen-bd wen
california king platform bed frame kooning platform bed - wenge hl-koon-wen-bd wen

How to match your bed with the right california king duvet cover

If you were not involved in the buying of the bed you are currently are using, you may not even know that beds actually come in different specific sizes. Even more confusion sets in, when it comes to actually buying the right duvet cover, which will not only cover the entire duvet, but also match the bed and mattress sizes.

Bed sizes

For a small single bed, the right mattress size will be one measuring about 39 by 75 inches. That will require a duvet of size 68 by 86 inches. This automatically translates into the need for smaller sized blankets that are about 66 by 90 inches, and a larger duvet cover. For a California king bed, the California King Duvet Cover will need to be measuring about 114 by 120 inches. This will ensure that the duvet is covered entirely and also that the duvet cover spreads entirely all over and hangs from the bed ends.

California King Duvet Cover cost

These types of duvets are priced at about $30, minimum. Depending on where you are buying them, the size, and material, the duvets can cost as much as $160. All of them come with free pillow covers. You can even get the specific image or design you desire be knitted specifically for you.

Go for knitting and crochets patterns

You can have a particular design or desired feature added or removed from your duvet. In fact, you will have the full ability of customizing your duvet to match your needs with knitting and crochets patterns. The best thing is that you will be the one to dictate, and can even have several patterns embedded in different California King Duvet Covers that you will be using on related occasions.