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wooden bed frames coyuchi barnwood bed in sustainable douglas fir · rustic wood bed framewood ...

Don’t be a prey; use bed bug mattress covers

Adults should get 7-9 hours of peaceful sleep, children needs more. Do you want to sleep on a mattress that is stuffed with tiny creatures that can feed on you the entire time you are taking a nap? Of course not.

Bed bugs; tiny vampires:

Studies revealed that bed bugs are mostly located around the bed, closer to the host, which in this case happens to be all of us. Bedbugs will look for places like mattress tufts and seams and make their way to the bed frame and he nearby furniture. These are clingy parasites that can cause illness and are hard to kill. Bed bugs pray on “out of sight, out of mind concept’ and take the advantage as they are often overlooked as we cannot see them. These are extremely dangerous as they can cause insomnia, skin problems, extreme itching, anxiety and severe allergies accompanied by painful swelling, bite marks mad much more.

The safe covering:

These covers completely cover the mattress and they keep the bed bugs from penetrating the fabric and keep the mattress safe. Buying a mattress cover is an inexpensive and rather easy thing than buying a new mattress and undergoing the nuisance of bed bugs.

The material:

The bed bug mattress covers are made of dense synthetic material that can do the expert job. The material can be polypropylene or polyester. High quality mattress covers are tested to make sure that the bed bugs may not slip through the fabric into the mattress. Measuring the mattress area and having the accurate dimensions of the bed bug mattress cover is really important.

If you want to stay safe from these tiny pests, make sure to buy something that can last long instead of something that is just cheap and dos not work at all.

Invest smartly, stay safe, and stay healthy.