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Choosing your twin mattress cover; do the research

People argue that mattress covers are unnecessary for the bed. Shower daily, do not eat in the bed and keep the sheets neat and clean, this will be sufficient. I beg to differ because this is not the case if a little research is done.

Keeping it clean:

The twin mattress cover is 39″ x 80″ in size. The more surface area means more dust and more likely to get dirty and invitation to allergies. According to a study, 10% of a two year old pillow can have dust mites in a large quantity. A mattress can have 100,000 to 10-million dust mites inside it. Keeping the mattress cover can keep the dust mites away and can save a lot of trouble.

Choose the right material:

The right mattress cover should be made of a material that should not slide and is easily washable. Cotton covers for indoor and stronger fibers for outdoor works best. If you wish to choose a twin mattress cover that has an elastic band on it, make sure that it fits well and stretches enough to cover the entire area of the mattress properly. The material is a matter of practicality. Cotton works great but a blend of cotton and polyester can works best as it makes the cover both durable and hypoallergenic. Vinyl covers can also be an option if you tend to fight moisture.

Important features:

A high quality twin mattress cover is made of multiple layered sheeting (3-4 layers). These should allow your body to retain warmth and breathe properly. The top and bottom layers are made of microfiber, bamboo or cotton. The filling can be synthetic, natural or latex.

Have a twin sized bed? No worries, just take your time out and buy a twin mattress cover and avoid the messy future mattress.